Tentoonstelling Groningen

Keurmeester Ierse Setter rood Dhr. J. Walsh Jr (IE)

Beste reu CAC-IB Jagger from Askeaton
Beste teef CAC-IB Schwung Princess Avida
Reserve beste teef res. CAC-IB Tussocks Manor Cardamon Flavour
Beste van het ras Schwung Princess Avida
Openklas (1 inschrijving)
1 U Jagger from Askeaton D. en L. Huisman 27 months. Pleasing young dog. Nice in proportions and outline. Masculine head with soft expression. Good rib and topline. Good depth of chest. Balanced angulations. Moves well when settled.
Puppyklas (1 inschrijving)
1 VB Live Lewina from Askeaton D. Huisman en F. Keller 6 months old. Promising young bitch with sweetest expression. Needs to grow in angles. Very happy on the move.
Tussenklas (1 inschrijving)
1 U Kelsey from Askeaton D. Huisman 21 months. Pretty bitch with pleasing head. Nice size. Nice depth of chest, shoulder okay but like more upperarm. Good angles in rear but needs more muscles. Stepping on the move. Overall nice type.
Openklas (3 inschrijvingen)
1 U Schwung Princess Avida R. Strahmann 4 years old. Pleasing mature bitch. Good size and correct outline. Balanced head with feminine expression. Good neck and topline. Excellent chest and front. Enough angles in rear. Hocks too long, but moved well.
2 U Qt Ireleith H. ten Vregelaar en K. Hodes 3 years. Nice bitch of good size. Pleasing outline. Good length of head with soft expression. Good ear placement, good neck and topline. Well angulated behind. Nice depth of chest. Would like more schoulder. Movement well with good drive, little loose in front.
3 U Twoacres Melody D. Matzen 2 years old. Nice young bitch, pleasing type. Feminine head with soft expression. Clean neck and topline. Chest okay. Needs more shoulder. Good rear angles but needs more muscles. Moves clear behind but a little loose in front.
Kampioensklas (1 inschrijving)
1 U Tussocks Manor Cardamon Flavour A. Mogony 3 years old. Nicely presented. Pleasing outline. Feminine head. Nice length, good neck and topline. Good rear angles and muscles.Depth of chest okay. Steps in front, moves well behind, pinning in front.




Keurmeester Ierse Setter rood-wit Dhr. J. Walsh Jr (IE)



Beste reu CAC-IB Terne des Coris Qalimero
Beste van het ras Terne des Coris Qalimero


Openklas reuen (1 inschrijving)
1 U Terne des Coris Qalimero P. Jakins 2 years old. Shown in nice coat. Good size, enough bone. Balanced head, plenty of skull. Nice eye and good ear placement. Good neck and topline. Enough rear angle. Would like more muscles behind. Little steep in front. When settled moved okay.